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Surely, you’d noticed a boom of online education market. By 2025, it’s going to reach $350 billion Last year, ed technology investments worldwide reached in US $18.66 billion. Impressive, right? We see education app development like a promising investment today. That’s why, we gathered basically all necessary practical insights for you to go ahead with it.

Points we’re going to cover:

It’s no secret that COVID-19 outbreak has influenced the growth of an e-learning segment. By mid-April 2020, 94% of global learners were affected by the pandemic, representing 1.58 billion children and youth, from pre-primary to higher education, in 200…

I. Introduction

In this section, we give a general overview of the product to be developed. It wouldn’t be bad to mention the product’s specifications, including its special characteristics, benefits, general budget estimates and the project’s timeline.

1.1 Purpose Predictably, in ‘Purpose’ section we describe… purpose of the project. For example, how we would describe it for Kör: ‘The purpose of this educational application is to provide students & their families with an educational platform for driving to enable fast lesson bookings, direct communication with instructors and transparent payments.

1.2 Document conventions Any SRS includes conventions that should be obviously mentioned in…

Application developers spend a lot of time comparing multiple operational databases to choose the one that best suits their workload. Their needs may include simplified data modeling, transactional guarantees, read/write performance, horizontal scaling, and fault tolerance. Traditionally, the choice starts with the database, SQL, or NoSQL category. If you stop your choice on a NoSQL solution, the question about MongoDB vs. Cassandra will appear. Though both products have some similarities, they are still different. Let’s compare these two database systems for you to identify your best solution.

Although there are many NoSQL databases on the market, various industry trends indicate…

The number of available games at App Store or Google Play is huge today! Hundreds, if not thousands of developers all over the world are making all kinds of mobile games today and many of them jumped right in without previous experience or training.

In case you want to create something people can enjoy, contact Fulcrum.Rock right now! While the field of game app development is raising in a great tendency, here in Fulcrum we know how to help you create your gaming application.

Buff games — redesign of the app.

Fortnite Saeson 13 mobile app design

Angular vs ReactAngular vs ReactAccording to Statista, React and Angular are two of the most popular web frameworks among developers worldwide in 2020. But which one suits you best for you and your purposes?

At first glance, it doesn’t make sense to compare Angular vs React, as the first one is a framework, and the second is just a library. However, both names appear very often when it comes to developing interactive applications. Both are suitable for this, but their approaches are very different.

The programming of Internet applications has undergone a fundamental change in recent years. Earlier, entire packages…

Technology is changing school study habits. The times of hitting the books and systematically repeating content are from when the digital era was yet emerging. Part of the reason for this change of habits corresponds to learning platforms.

$28 million. That’s exactly how much LMS-based startup, Lead School, has raised in the recent investment circle. So, what can we say… LMS never get out of fashion in edtech. But how to choose the most suitable LMS? Today we will compare three popular ones: Moodle vs Canvas vs Open edX. Let’s go step-by-step. Or in our case, characteristic by characteristic:

  • Integration with tools, apps, APIs
  • Community support
  • Functionality Customization and Technologies
  • Pros and Cons: Moodle vs Canvas vs Open EDX
  • Benefits and Risks of Open Source LMSs
  • Which LMS to Choose?

Pricing: Moodle vs Canvas vs Open edX

Nah, price is always important, in choosing an…

What is blurple? This is a new bright design trend for 2021. It is bout purple colors with bluish undertones

More resources: Blurple moodboard by Behance & Blurple Astrologia

Lastcall — marketplace for events

Proud to be Named a Top Development Partner in Ukraine by Clutch! Being a development partner means taking responsibility, providing expertise, and leading clients’ projects to their final success. That’s what we believe in at Fulcrum. As a team of top-performers, we always root for delivering high-quality service and best development solutions for our clients. Not least important for us is understanding that Fulcrum goes in the right direction. That’s why, we are excited to be ranked by Clutch as one of the leading development partners in Ukraine for 2020.

What is Clutch? It’s a B2B market research authority that…

Check our amazing collection of inspirational Mobile App Designs from the world’s best designers.

Glassmorphism is upcoming UI trend! It’s characteristics are: transparency, vivid colors, a subtle, light border on the translucent objects.

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