Angular vs React: Which One to Choose in 2021?

Angular vs React — Statistical Comparison

What is Angular?

Best Angular Websites



Upwork and


Who else famous uses Angular?

More examples of using the Angular framework you can find on the website

What is React?

Best React Websites






More famous websites that use React?

This is, of course, not the whole list. But I’m sure you’ve found some of your favorites here already. We use them because they are powerful, user-friendly, and fast.

React vs Angular — What Do They Have in Common?

  • Both provide a basic framework for web development.
  • They are component-based and offer the possibility of breaking down an application into smaller components and writing them with a consistent API.
  • The great advantage of the components is that they can be reused, reassembled, and tested individually.
  • Both frameworks offer a mature, classic architecture for development in Javascript. With this architecture, cross-platform applications for Windows, Mac, and Linux can be developed. Compared to native applications, however, this architecture also leads to larger applications and higher resource consumption.
  • Both frameworks are subject to the MIT license and can therefore be used free of charge by everyone.
  • They also have in common that both have a large community behind them that maintain the frameworks.

Difference Between Angular and React


In terms of architecture, Angular is a full-fledged MVC framework that provides the developer with all the possibilities for out-of-the-box programming:

  • No introduction of dependencies;
  • Ajax requests;
  • Utilities for component testing.

Data Binding

Here the two technologies are very different from each other.

Mobile solutions

Angular and React offer solutions for creating mobile applications. In the case of Angular, this is the Ionic framework, which uses the Cordova container that is built into Angular. However, the resulting application is simply a web application inside a web browsing container.

Ease of learning

In the case of React, you need to learn JSX first, but it’s easy. Then you need to study the routing library, for example, react-router v4, and then the state management libraries — Redux or MobX.


Angular provides a basic framework for building web applications and does not require any additional libraries. Due to the given framework, it is relatively rigid and inflexible as it is a complete framework.


To capture all changes to the DOM, Angular creates a watcher for each binding. Every time the view updates, the new values compare with the old values. This can result in poorer performance in larger applications.

  • For the development of apps — Ionic 2 for Angular and React App
  • For design matters — Material Design and Material UI;
  • For the administration of states — @ngrx/store for Angular and Redux for React.

Angular or React — Who is The Best?

In contrast to React, Angular offers very clear structures and many features. It allows Angular development teams to move quickly to implementation without defining structures or looking for additional libraries in advance. However, it is often too overloaded for small projects and brings unnecessary ballast since Angular is so extensive.

Angular vs React: Tips for Choosing

On one side, Angular is a complete toolbox that offers you everything from development to testing when building a web application. And on the other side, React is a flexible library that requires support from other libraries for development.

  • Reliable and scalable framework.
  • Real-time applications, such as chat or messaging applications.
  • Native apps, mashups, or web apps that are long-term and substantial investment projects.
  • Programming in TypeScript.
  • Object-oriented programming.
  • Flexible work and secure solutions for website development.
  • To develop cross-platform or single-page applications.
  • To expand the functionality of an existing application.
  • Strong community support and solutions.

To Sum Up

React and Angular differ in terms of interaction within the community. This is a key aspect for novice developers — if the community is large, active, ready to help newbies.



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