Angular vs React: Which One to Choose in 2021?

Angular vs React — Statistical Comparison

What is Angular?

Best Angular Websites



Upwork and


Who else famous uses Angular?

What is React?

Best React Websites






More famous websites that use React?

React vs Angular — What Do They Have in Common?

  • Both provide a basic framework for web development.
  • They are component-based and offer the possibility of breaking down an application into smaller components and writing them with a consistent API.
  • The great advantage of the components is that they can be reused, reassembled, and tested individually.
  • Both frameworks offer a mature, classic architecture for development in Javascript. With this architecture, cross-platform applications for Windows, Mac, and Linux can be developed. Compared to native applications, however, this architecture also leads to larger applications and higher resource consumption.
  • Both frameworks are subject to the MIT license and can therefore be used free of charge by everyone.
  • They also have in common that both have a large community behind them that maintain the frameworks.

Difference Between Angular and React


  • XML-like JSX language is used instead of templates as an add-on to JavaScript;
  • No introduction of dependencies;
  • Ajax requests;
  • Utilities for component testing.

Data Binding

Mobile solutions

Ease of learning



  • For easier bootstrapping of a project — Angular CLI and Create React App;
  • For the development of apps — Ionic 2 for Angular and React App
  • For design matters — Material Design and Material UI;
  • For the administration of states — @ngrx/store for Angular and Redux for React.

Angular or React — Who is The Best?

Angular vs React: Tips for Choosing

  • To develop a large and multifunctional application.
  • Reliable and scalable framework.
  • Real-time applications, such as chat or messaging applications.
  • Native apps, mashups, or web apps that are long-term and substantial investment projects.
  • Programming in TypeScript.
  • Object-oriented programming.
  • Lightweight modern enterprise-grade applications in a short time.
  • Flexible work and secure solutions for website development.
  • To develop cross-platform or single-page applications.
  • To expand the functionality of an existing application.
  • Strong community support and solutions.

To Sum Up




Fulcrum is off-shore in-house software development team

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Fulcrum is off-shore in-house software development team

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