How to Hunt Out an Investor For Your Tech Startup

A millionaire isn’t just going to walk past your open garage door and offer you the cash you need to get big next week, although that’s the dream, right? You need to put you and your business out there and get networking within your industry; talk to other business owners and get yourself invited to networking events. While in the previous article we’ve talked about the types of investors, now let’s shed the light on how to find them for your tech startup.

Here’s how to find investors in brief.

  1. Know your market, and take note
  2. Use your connections
  3. Get into accelerator programs
  4. Have a quick pitch in your pocket

Know your market, and take note

Use your connections

  • School — tap into your alumni networks and business groups that have grown out of them
  • Work — consider all of the people you’ve worked and collaborated with over your career
  • Social — your social network accounts and real-life friends and peers can be invaluable

Look for people in the finance community or those who know people who do, make a list of these people so you can systematically approach them. Put together different approaches depending on your relationship with them and see if anyone in your extended circles can connect with useful people. It’s never a bad thing to ask people to help you.

Get into accelerator programs

Have a quick pitch in your pocket

Summing Up

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