How to Fill In Lean Canvas Template — The ULTIMATE Guidelines

Create Lean Canvas

Why Lean Canvas is Essential for Any Startup?

  1. structured, clear idea of where your business is at the moment
  2. understanding of how useful your product really is
  3. a deeper look into your target audience & how to reach it

Lean Canvas Template [also available as lean canvas PDF]

How to Fill in Lean Canvas Template in Under 20 Mins

1. Start with ‘Customer Segments’.

2. State the problem your product solves

  1. There are traffic jams if you use a car. People don’t want to stay in the traffic jams.
  2. It’s not easy to park your car in the city center. Finding a parking spot is a nuisance.
  3. Public transport picks you up at certain spots, at certain time. Who wants to wait?
  4. Most cars aren’t eco-friendly.

3. Revenue Streams

4. Solution

5. Unique Value Proposition in Lean Canvas Template

  1. Who is this product for?
  2. What is the clear benefit?
  3. Why they should choose you instead of the others?
  4. Uber’s value proposition is looking great. Check it out below.

6. Channels

7. Key Metrics Lean Canvas

8. Cost Structure

9. Unfair Advantage

In the end, what’s Lean Methodology?

Bottom Line: Lean Canvas Template




Fulcrum is off-shore in-house software development team

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Fulcrum is off-shore in-house software development team

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